Be Gentle

Good morning all!  Thanks for checking in to my blog.  I loved the movie Julie & Julia — but I’m not cooking my way through this transformation.  If you haven’t seen the movie it’s a good one.  Working our way into the full moon energies.  This usually means there will be openings available for people either to come or to go.  Usually there are many babies born during the full moon.  And people choose to make their transition also.  For those of us staying here, we have the opportunity to infuse ourselves with more and more light.  Just watched 3 deer run across the road.  I love living here in the almost ‘woods’.  Really not enough trees to say it’s ‘wooded’ here but enough that the view is wonderful.  Guess that’s why they call our road Timberview–ha!  Anyway, back to the increase in light, be gentle with yourselves, I do believe that’s what the Crew talked about yesterday.  Remember to take a ‘pause’ when necessary and re-energize yourself.  Hopefully it will be warm enough for me to get some more bulbs planted today.  Have a great Wednesday — see you sometime soon.

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