April Full Moon Energies

So we all experienced the Full Moon yesterday. And today we are still integrating all the higher frequencies and the light that came with all that information and download of energy and light. So what does all this mean to us? It might be manifesting as aching, muscle pain, muscle cramps, heart irregularities, sleepiness, tired, all kinds of abnormal physical aches and pains. Not that I wouldn’t go to your health care practitioner to check these things out, but be aware that there are many physical symptoms that don’t make any sense and will go away in a couple of days as your body adjusts to the higher frequencies. My teacher Ethel Lombardi always would ask us if we were having any muscular pain, everyone in the room would raise their hand. Are you having trouble remembering things? Everyone in the room would raise their hands again. She’d assure us that it wasn’t Alzheimer’s and not even Half-heimers, but it was our physical brain ‘trying’ to integrate the higher frequencies and adjusting to our new life and level of light.

Be aware that this will continue through these next few months and will be especially intense during Full Moon and during the Equinox weekends and Solstice times. Embrace these energies and rejoice in the fact that you are here experiencing all these wondrous events. We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.
Enjoy your life and be happy and be healthy and be sure to laugh as much as you can. Blessings. Marcia

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