April already?

Oh, my, it’s April already.  I celebrated my birthday yesterday and had a wonderful day with my family.  I received many many wishes from friends far and near, and greatly appreciate the ability we have to communicate via the internet.  Keeps us closer even when we live many miles apart.

I read the following from a Face Book post from a dear friend of mine who lives in one of my favorite places, Jackson, Wyoming.  I know she won’t mind me sharing with you.  She is truly a light and wonderful person.  Here’s I’Maya’s message:

“I had an interesting experience this evening.  I’ve been visiting my daughter and her family in Charlottesville, VA.  I took my 2 1/2 year old grandson with me to do some shopping.  While in a parking lot, I noticed an exchange with two sets of people.  One was alone and consciously aware.  The other set, there were two…and not so conscious let alone awakened.  The exchange was over something so very trivial as a shopping cart being removed.  Yes, it was this trivial.  The ‘two’ were quite caustic to the ‘one’.  Yet, it was fascinating watching the ‘one’ not step nor back down.  The ‘two’ were quite perplexed as the ‘one’ remained calm and heart centered.  They just moved away from the ‘one’, calmly and quietly.  It was as if they did not know what to do.  The anger and any escalation was diffused.

I recognize that globally, anger is escalating as the energy vibration of our planet rises.  Even those not prone to anger are surprising themselves.  And it’s appropriate.  Vibrations are rising and we, collectively, must continue to attune ourselves as we are continually being bombarded with ‘more’ energy than ever before.

Those that are unable to attune ‘battle’ it out.  This is being demonstrated perhaps in our personal environments, local environments and, of course, within countries near and far.  It signifies an imbalance, that’s all.  Nothing right, wrong, good, bad…just an imbalance.  And it is this imbalance that we are moving through as we adjust our beliefs and ways of being to our new paradigm of consciousness.

Anger, energetically… I’m not speaking caustic and destructive anger.  I’m speaking simply of the emotion of anger itself, is quite beautiful.  It’s absolutely all right and appropriate to experience and express anger…the feeling, the emotion.  It’s when there is a ‘charge’ behind it that it becomes something else.  Many have learned to fear anger and suppress it.  Realize that anger is an energy that must be acknowledged.  There is nothing wrong with it.  And … we all experience it.  With the vibration rising upon our planet and all living things, anger will ‘ask’ to leave your body.  Light is illuminating all shadows and darkness, it will be revealed and it might be quite the surprise for many…who don’t believe that they have or are angry. This ‘anger’ energy has carried over many lifetimes to be released, not just this one.  We see the reflection of it all around.

Consider the masks of anger:  frustration; depression; shame, addictions; manipulativeness, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, apathy, hopelessness and certainly more.  Also, consider that in the United States, ‘anger is a serious problem for 1 in 5 Americans.’

It is a time of more awakening and expanding our awareness.  The more we awaken, the more veils fall away, more awareness.  And then..more awakening, etc.  This process is ongoing and never ending.  There is always ‘more’ to unveil…always.

Journey well friends.  Remember, we are all in this together.  You are not alone.  Be patient with your process and the process of others.  And of course,  there is no other. There is no thing that exists outside of us….

Thank you for considering.

Many blessings,




So, consider being centered and staying in your heart space no matter what is happening around you.  Hmmm– seems like a wonderful way to live.  More tomorrow!

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