We have completed all 7 ice cream cones, in the chakra colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.  As you know an ice cream cone is about easy and gentle assimilation. When you put all of them together you have the essence of Allow.  This essence is about the process of allowing ourselves to awaken.  This is not the feeling of surrender, which feels like you’ve been defeated or that you failed.  In order to be awake and totally alive on this planet you will want to allow your divine Self to love you fully.  This is what self-realization is all about.  Realizing that you are truly an Adult of God (not a child of God anymore) —  someone who is able to allow Divine Love to come in and fill you.

Remember this is an easy and gentle process, nothing is forced and it’s not hard!  Blessings!


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2 Responses to Allow

  1. Catherine says:

    Something internal clicked with your comment about Adult of God – not a child anymore. Thank you for that. Catherine

  2. admin says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Yes, that is a saying Ethel Lombardi used to give us. Being an adult of God. Makes sense to me for sure. Have a great weekend.

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