4 Days and Counting

So, here we are on the 7th of October.  4 Days and counting until the 10-10-10.  It’s going to be a wonderful day, as long as we focus upon that thought.  As you all know what you focus upon you receive.  So whatever you like to think about will be part of your life experiences.  Doesn’t that give you a comforting feeling?  Or does it make you shutter.  I suggest that you pay attention to how you are feeling and if you are feeling icky, then check and discover what you were thinking about prior to that icky feeling.  My guess is that it had to do with worry, or fear, or some self-destructive thought.  So, JUST STOP IT!  Ha, that’s easier said than done.  To clip the loop of unproductive, icky thoughts that are making you feel bad or worse, look for something that will make you smile, a butterfly floating by, a bird calling, a baby laughing.  You can go on You Tube and find baby’s laughing–that will shift your mood for sure.  You’d just can’t frown and laugh at the same time.  As a matter of fact, I’ll go get one now for you–enjoy!

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