Here we are!!  Welcome to 11-11-10.  Its a great day and the energies feel crisp and clean and clear.  So hope you have time to relax and enjoy the refreshing feelings and energies.  We are traveling at what is called warp speed.  Love the Star Trek language.  Even though I’m not officially a Trekie. I’m getting ready for the holidays mentally if not physically.  This year has sped by very quickly.  I have been hearing about leg and feet issues.  So I’m guessing that the energies are traveling down our legs and out.  If you are suffering from any of this, take a walk upon the earth, not the sidewalk but the ground.  This will assist in the movement of energies and get you reconnected to Mother Earth as she is shifting also.  Have a great day.  More tomorrow.  Blessings.

Here’s your shape for today.

Brown Pyramid, integrate the grounding

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