Well, there are many people talking about the 10-10-10.  So what does this mean?  Another doorway to more energy shifts and another opportunity to envision the New Earth that you wish to experience.  There are people gathering all over the planet to celebrate this date.  If you feel so moved, find a couple of friends and enjoy the day.  Connect with each other, your higher self, Creator and Gaia.  If you are lucky the weather will be great and you can enjoy the fall colors.  I do believe that we all have the ability to connect with these energies in a positive way.  No more letting the shifts in frequency knock you over.  Do your best to flow and do that which give you joy.  Find a baby or a young child and watch their joy in being alive.  This will lift you up quite easily.  So have a great day and make sure you laugh a lot.  It raises your frequency and makes people wonder what you are doing???????

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  1. Julia Neff says:

    It was a gorgeous day. My family gathered to commemorate what would have been my grandma’s 84th birthday. She is a beautiful, loving, sparkly spirit. 🙂

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