More and more Light is coming to us each and every day.  That is what moving towards the Spring Equinox is all about.  And if you look at what this means, we have more sunshine each and every day, which brings us more Light’ each and every day.  Which means we must consciously ask to integrate/digest this new/more Light each and every day.  If we don’t keep up with this process our bodies will give us clues or signals as to what’s happening.  Have you noticed strange aches, pains, little zings, etc ???  This is our physical bodies saying, ‘catch up’, hold more Light, be conscious of what’s happening to you.  Instead of keeping your nose to the grind stone, lift your head up and take in the Light, the sunshine, the Love, the Joy the happiness that is waiting for  you to acknowledge it!

So, how do we do that?  Simple, notice all that you have around you and be thankful for each person, place or thing.  Thank your God/Source/I AM Presence for the gifts that you have been given.  Know that all is created for you by your God-self, not your human personality.  And as you live from that place of gratitude/appreciation/thankfulness/Love you will notice how much better you feel and how life is ‘suddenly’ going quite smoothly.  Amazing!

My suggestion for you this day is to sometime during this first week of 2012 — find a 12 month calendar (not you day planner) go to a quiet place, take out a sheet of paper, write down a few things that you want to experience in 2012.  Then go month by month through the calendar, if you have pictures that helps, and visualize yourself doing, being in the places, activities that you have written down.  And then close the calendar and thank your guides/angels/higher self/God-self for the manifestation.

You may do this as often as you wish.  When you are finished with each visualization, walk away from it.  Let it be.  Let Source/God create it for you.  Your joy is ‘what’ and ‘why’ and God’s job is ‘how’ and ‘when’.

Light Language for the day.

Yellow New Paths--Clarity, focus, direction for your New Path

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