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Times are changing.  People have many commitments and differing schedules.  We have decided to shift our offering of classes.  Instead of us deciding when we would like to teach and scheduling a time and place.  We are open to your personal requirements.  If there is a class that interests you and you would like to experience it, please contact us and we’ll teach you personally at the best time for your schedule.

We will then either promote it and have others join us or you may have your own private instruction.   Your choice.  Some people prefer to be with others in a class and some choose to have their own personal instruction.  Life the way you like it!

Here are the classes we offer.  More will be added soon, so check back often.  There are brief descriptions.  Please call if you would like more information and details.  319-929-5500

We are here to share our spiritual wisdom and experience with those who are drawn to our offerings.  Blessings to you on your journey.  May it be joyful and full of grace.

Spiritual Guidance

We offer private sessions to assist you on your Spiritual Path.  Our journey has taken us through many doorways and we have studied with a variety of Masters.  Each one is looking for a specific answer and together we can discover what your Next Step will be.  Sessions can be via phone or in person.  Your choice.  Length is variable also.  Contact us for sliding scale fees.

Light Language

We are Master Light Language teachers and Teacher Trainers.  We have studied this amazing manifestation tool using Sacred Geometry and Color for over 10 years.  We are very dedicated to sharing this amazing life enhancing tool.   Of all the courses we’ve studied during our lives, Light Language has given us the most amazing results of any.  Saying that we are passionate about using Light Language would be an understatement.   We are pleased to say that our students who took our very first class over 10 years ago are still using Light Language on a regular basis to enhance their lives.  We hope you’ll consider stepping onto this amazing path.

Beginning Light Language, Level I

At the beginning level we use 7-shaped sequences and consciously create what we desire in our lives.  Learn to recognize how we use color and geometry in our every day language, thoughts, and behavior. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment with the 7-shaped grids.  Change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. Learn how to put magic in food like in the movie Chocolat. This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language. Manual included. Prerequisite: None.

Intermediate Light Language, Level II

At the intermediate level you learn to write 49-shaped grids for relationships, prosperity, cash, spiritual development and more. Receive powerful health grids for over 165 dis-eases. Work with the original cause of dis-harmony and dis-ease in your life and re-write the script. Manual included. Prerequisite: Beginning Light Language.

Advanced Light Language, Level III

At the advanced level, learn to write 144-shaped grids using 80 powerful geometries and 144 colors to create change on all levels and rewrite your blueprint. Includes 3 manuals. Prerequisite: Intermediate Light Language.

Light Language Teacher Training
Light Language teacher training is offered at least once per year in North America and Western Europe.  To learn about the prerequisites or to apply, contact your Light Language teacher. Light Language Teacher Training is by acceptance.

Advanced Principles for Light Language
Take an advanced jump in your usage of light language. Learn the new intermediate sets for each of the Seven Rays and the stages for the Masters and Archangels associated with them. Learn the 12 chakra personal grid and the questioning associated to build this for you and your clients. Expand your light as we delve deeper into the power of subject lines and how to shift your consciousness around these to co-create effectively and at a much higher level. For community grids, you will learn how to set-up a subject line that works even stronger with your personal grids through one of Esperanza’s favorite forms of healing. Experience the energy and download needed to create “The Invisible Boundary” & “The Double Vortex Clear & Recharge.” Re-align your power in the usage of your highest light! Prerequisite: Intermediate Light Language.

The Eternal Mobius
The replication ability of the mobius is taken to a whole new level!  The Eternal Mobius is a mobius embodying two complete Intermediate Light Language grids constructed of Advanced Light Language shapes and colors and new Sets and Stages specifically for the mobius grids. Manual included. Prerequisite: Intermediate Light Language

Master Light Language Cube
Experience the creation of a 12 X 12 x 12 Master Light Language Cube.  The completion of the cube is like having God whisper in your ear.  The cube can be used to manifest beneficial energies for the Planet, Galaxy, and yes, even the Universe!!!

The Advanced Toruses
Learn how to use 108 toruses that work with the Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth elements.  These toruses promote health and wholeness in all areas of your life and the lives of others! Prerequisite: None.

Description of Light Language
Light Language is based on the light speed healing techniques of the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico.  As we move into the “Light Age”, our spiritual evolution has moved upward through the chakras.  Now we are more ready than ever before to apply this ancient Mayan wisdom to our lives.

On the physical plane we are currently limited in communicating with anyone in the world only by the speed of the equipment.  On the mental, emotional and spiritual planes, major steps still need to be taken.  In Light Language, we take the next major step.  We learn to read and write light, and communicate with light on all levels.  Light Language is here and documented; it combines physics, sacred geometry, and light.  Unlike words, Light Language stays true to form.

The purpose of using Light Language is to have an in-depth understanding of how thought and concept effect our reality.  The very building blocks are the energies of light and the form that we give them.

Light Language is a “caught” teaching.  It cannot be learned just by reading a book about it or by watching a video. To truly learn to work with Light Language requires sitting in the presence of a Light Language teacher. As the student sits in the trained teacher’s presence, she/he subconsciously receives 10,000 pieces of information per minute out of the teacher’s aura. This is what is called a “caught” teaching.  The student literally catches the material being emanated out of the teacher’s aura.

Secrets of the Mexican Shamans

Energy & Luck–Part 1

Receive instruction about how to utilize energy the way the Shamans do.  Without expending effort on your part.  Plus discover how to create your own ‘good luck’.

Cooking-Part 2

Discover the secrets of the Shamans.  How do they prepare food for themselves and their families.  Will it nourish you or not?  Can you enhance the nutrition?  What about the places where you eat?  Many questions, and answers from the Secrets of the Shamans.  This is a fun class.  Plus you get to eat the food, too!

Magic Cubes

Plan your life and your energy management by creating a ‘magic field‘ to live within.  Establish boundaries and energy flows with intention.  This class creates your life to be directed and flowing with ease and grace.  Fun for all!

Spiritual Development

Spend a couple hours or a couple of days with us.  Topics include:

1-Playing with Fire–how to use the Violet Flame

2-Creating Cash with Sacred Geometry

3-Expanding Your Mastery

4-Light Waves Levels 1-4

Light Waves is a spiritual development class that includes sacred geometry and the manifestation wave.  Technology from mystics and frequencies for healing specific dis-ease conditions.  This is a very intense and ‘deep’ class.  Highly recommended to expand your Spiritual Development and your Light.

Give us a call–319-929-5500.  We’ll see you soon!





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